"Rocky Mtn Salem"

aka "Salem"
Salem is a true sweetheart who loves everyone she meets. She wants nothing more then to be curled up on someones lap and get pats on the head. She is a small berner, and we anticipate her medium F1 puppies to mature around 45-60lbs

  • AKC Registered Moyen Poodle
  • 42 lbs.
  • 23 inches
  • OFA: Hips:Normal/Good
  • OFA: Elbows/Normal
  • VWB-Clear
  • DM-Clear
  • Dilute-negative
  • IC-clear
  • PRA-PRCD-negative
  • OFA Cardiac-Clear

"Alpine's Majestic Splender" 

aka "Logan"

Logan is a rare Red Sable Moyen (medium) poodle with a perfect laid back attitude. He is a complete gentleman and passes on his wonderful traits to his pups.  He produces both black tricolor and beautiful sable tricolor to his offspring.   Logan lives in a loving guardian home.

"Schatzies Alpine Glow"
aka "Schatzie"
Schatzie is a happy and outgoing Berner that loves everyone she meets, and everyone loves her in return.
She has been producing beautiful Tri-colored puppies with wonderful markings and temperaments.

"Alpine's Don Juan"

​aka: "DJ"

DJ is a fun loving happy boy that charms everyone he meets, he entertains us everyday.  We are excited to have him as part of our 2017 mini and micro-mini breeding program.  We are hoping with his perfect coloring that he will  produce the much sought after Traditional Black Tri-Color's.   Look for his puppies in the Fall of 2017

  • Miniature/Toy Poodle
  • 14 inches
  • 12 lbs
  • E-Vet Preliminary Hips/Elbows-Good/Normal
  • DM-Clear
  • VWB-Clear
  • ​PRA-PRCD-Clear
  • GM2-Clear
  • Osteochondrodysplasia-Clear

"Alpines Blue Eyed Sky
aka "Maggie"
The first thing everyone notices about Maggie is her bright blue eyes, which is rare for a bernese mountain dog. She is a very affectionate and loving family dog. Maggie's litters have been perfect in every way, she is a wonderful mother. Maggie has been producing both Tri-color and Sable puppies.

  • AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog
  • 85 lbs.​
  • VWD-Clear
  • DM-Clear
  • OFA Cardiac/Clear
  • Eyes-Clear VC


Willow is our F1 miniature bernedoodle from Salem and Ruger.   We will be using Willow for our F1B Micro-Mini Bernedoodles.  Look for her first puppies coming late fall 2017.

  • 30 lbs.
  • ​OFA preliminary hips/elbows pending
  • DM-Clear
  • VWB-Clear

"Alpine's Mountain Marley"

aka "Marley"

Marley is our F1 Miniature Bernedoodle from Schatzie and Ruger.  Marley loves being the allergy test dog for our future owners.  She loves all the attention she gets while families roll around, pet and love on her, it's her favorite game.  

  • 40 lbs.
  • 17 inches
  • E-Vet Preliminary Hip/Elbows-Good/Normal
  • VWB-Clear
  • DM-Clear
  • Dilute-negative

"Fern Ridge Bay Watcher​"

aka:  "Odie"

Odie is a multi-generational miniature Australian Labradoodle.  We are excited to have him in our breeding program.  He will bring the beautiful fleece coat and boxy frame that is so sought after in the Bernedoodle mix.  We can't wait to see what colors he will produce.  Look for his first litter coming soon.

  • ALAA Australian Labradoodle
  • 17 inches
  • 28 Lbs.
  • OFA: Hips: Normal/Good
  • OFA: Elbows:Normal
  • VWB-Clear
  • DM-Clear
  • PRA-PRCD-Clear
  • EYE CERT-Normal
  • IC-Clear

Our Bernedoodle Girls

Our Sires

Meet our Dogs

Alpine Bernedoodles

  • "Alpine'sMajestic Princess"

aka: "Gunnar (Gunnie)"

Gunnie is a sweet lovable girl that is enjoying her life in a wonderful guardian home on an alpaca ranch in the beautiful San Miguel Mountains of Colorado. Look for her puppies coming mid 2017.​

  • AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dog
  • 85 lbs.
  • E-Vet Preliminary Hip/Elbow-Good/Normal
  • VWB-Clear
  • DM-Carrier-not affected

Our Bernese Mountain Dog Girls

"Alpine Mountain Rose" 


Ika came to us directly from Poland.  Both parents are champion show dogs with excellent hips and clear genetics.

She has a happy, playful and loving temperament and we are looking forward to what she will pass on to future puppies. We are planning to use Ika to produce beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs as well as Bernedoodles.  Look for her first litter in mid 2017.

  • AKC registration pending/Imported from Poland
  • 78 lbs.
  • E-Vet Preliminary Hip/Elbow-Normal/Good
  • DM-Clear
  • VWB-Clear

​"Alpine's Rastafarian Romeo"

aka: "Rusty"

​Rusty is the newest addition to the Alpine Family.  He is a sweet, easy going little guy and we can't wait to see what he will produce.  

  • Miniature Poodle
  • 13 inches
  • 11 lbs
  • ​OFA-pending
  • DM-Clear
  • VWB-Clear
  • GM2-Clear
  • Osteochondrodysplasis-Clear
  • IC-Clear

"Alpine's Precious Gemma"

aka: "Gemma"

Gemma is Ruby's sister's and is also happy, playful and goofy.  These sisters have an amazing easy going and loving temperament that will carry over to their future puppies.

  • AKC Bernese Mtn. Dog
  • OFA Pending
  • DM-Clear
  • VWB-Clear
  • AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog
  • ​95 lbs
  • OFA Hips Normal/Fair
  • OFA Elbows/Normal
  • OFA Cardiac/Clear​
  • VWD-Clear
  • DM-Clear
  • Eyes-Clear  VC

"Alpine Ruby Moon"

aka: "Ruby"

Ruby is an adorable happy Berner with a  easy going, loving and quiet temperament.  Ruby lives in a guardian home on a 150 acre Ranch in SW Colorado

  • AKC Bernese Mtn Dog
  • OFA Pending
  • DM-Clear
  • VWB-Clear


  • Bernese Mountain Dog​
  • 60 lbs
  • OFA Hips Normal/Good
  • OFA Elbows/Normal
  • VWD- Clear
  • DM-Carrier-not affected