Puppy Training

The First 8 Weeks

Every puppy born is handled daily, our puppies are exposed to a variety of stimuli and we utilize early neurological stimulation (also known as “ENS”) as well as Puppy Culture methods for each stage of development to ensure that you are receiving a puppy that is happy and confident and has a great start on life. Our puppies are quick to learn obedience commands and love to play and interact with other dogs and people. But with the stubborn tendency’s of the Berner we do suggest the use of a professional trainer or a puppy socialization class for families that may not be familiar with training their puppy.

Puppy Kindergarten

For those families that want to get a head start on their puppies training before arriving at their forever home, we offer Puppy Kindergarten.  Your puppy will be delivered at 8 weeks of age to our Team Member,  Jessica Poynter of “Peace Of Mind Dog Training”, where your pup will stay for training 24/7.   This is a good option for those that may not be ready to bring their new puppy home at the normal 8 to 9 week pick up time.

Training can be customized to your schedule starting with a minimum of 3 weeks with the option of continued training to achieve your desired goals.  After training, your puppy will then be delivered to you according to your choice of transportation.  The following list is a set of goals that we try to reach with each puppy, but some learn faster than others or take to one command quicker than others.  We will not overwhelm a puppy but if your pup is progressing quickly other commands will be added.  The longer they are in training the more they will learn.

Expected Goals based on training weeks

3 Weeks:  $1350

  • Socialization with other dogs, as well as introducing them to sights and sounds
  • Crate training and beginning potty training
  • Leash etiquette-no pulling, staying close
  • Basic commands, sit, off, no, leave it
  • Grooming training

4 Weeks:  $1800

  • More advance commands, down, come
  • Public interaction, field trips
  • More extensive leash etiquette

6 Weeks:  $2700

  • Loose leash heeling
  • Wait, stay
  • Daycare interactions

8 Weeks:  $3600

  • Place

12 Weeks:  $5400

  • House Training

Turn Key Puppy/Dream Dog

Many families who would like to adopt a puppy from us have young children and other responsibilities and find it difficult to juggle work, parenting and training a new puppy.  If you would like a puppy who is fully crate trained and house trained and has a well established understanding of commands and obedience, then our Turn Key program can give you that Dream Dog.  Your Puppy will come home to you at 6 months old with a solid foundation and know and remember commands for life.  Your Dream Dog will be welcomed by your groomer and veterinarian, and will be a dog you can be proud of and your neighbors will envy.

This option includes:

  • First or second pick from an available litter
  • 4 Months professional training
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Well-established commands and obedience
  • Crate and house trained
  • Exposed and socialized to a variety of people, places, noises, and other animals
  • Child trained
  • Distraction training
  • Timely videos of progress
  • AKC CGC-Canine Good Citizen Certificate
  • Hand delivery by the trainer
  • Private in-home training session
  • Life time support from trainer and breeder

Price is $16,000.00.

Please contact us to discuss the details of reserving your Turn Key/Dream Dog