We are accepting applications and deposits for future F1 and F1B miniature and small standard bernedoodles. Our master list is filling fast, now is a great time to get your name on the list for a future bernedoodle puppy!

We specialize in creating beautiful, happy, healthy black tricolor and sable tricolor puppies with wonderful temperaments!

We are excited to announce that we will be breeding for F1B micro-mini's (15-30lb) beginning late 2017.

​​​"We love our new family member so much. We trusted Chelsey and Kathryn from the beginning because of their extensive knowledge and experience, but also because of their obvious love of dogs and all animals. If you want an amazing family addition with a wonderful temperament who loves everyone she meets dog and human then you are in good hands."

Mahler Family, Colorado

"Welcome to our family, Archie (Nash)!! Thank you, Kathryn Hadfield for everything! What a wonderful experience it has been finding you, Alpine Bernedoodles, and this perfect little guy!"

The Cowgill's, Wisconsin

"Big day for the Porter family! We love Minna (Hayley) so much, we had to have Rocket (Noah) too! Marley and Logan (and Kathryn 😉) sure make some awesome pups! This was a surprise to our kiddos, hence the tears"

The Porter Family, Colorado 


Located in beautiful western Colorado, Alpine Bernedoodles is owned and operated by two certified Veterinary Technicians with a combined 20 years of experience. We feel that with our working experience, knowledge, and resources, we can produce the happiest and healthiest bernedoodle puppies.  We have selectively chosen  our breeding dogs for their conformation and healthy genetics.  Alpine Bernedoodles is committed to producing quality, healthy puppies with great temperaments.    
Be sure to check out "Our Family" and meet all of our wonderful dogs.  

​​​Breeding & Raising  Quality Bernedoodles

Bernedoodles with a health emphasis 

"Today was a great day because we welcomed home our new puppy! She instantly lit up our home with joy! I can't thank her breeder, Kathryn enough for raising up a truly incredible pup! We adore her!"

"…All I can say is be ready to be wowed! They are amazing!"

The Priehs Family, Michigan

"Kathryn, it was lovely to meet you and your husband. I don't think our puppy could have had a better first 8 weeks of his life from everything we experienced....you are a master at what you do. Thanks so much for everything!"

"What a great experience picking up Murray at Kathryn's place. These puppies gave our family (and especially the kids) the best welcome possible and it was such fun watching them all interact before bringing Murray home (still Murray....the kids wouldn't let us change the name). Best of luck to everyone in the M Litter, they are all a wonderful bunch of characters and all adorable!"

The Hughes Family, Iowa

"Cannot recommend Alpine Bernedoodles enough! We are obsessed with our 5 month old mini "Emma" (Millie) from Shatzie /Ruger. The berner look in mini non shedding form with the best personality / temperament  I had to wait a few months to write a review to make sure it was not too good to be true!
Our trainer at puppy class raves about how lucky we are to have such a smart trainable pup. The vet spends extra time cuddling with her because she's so cute and fluffy. We can't go anywhere without getting stopped repeatedly for people asking where we got her. Our pup loves everyone she meets of all ages / creatures, is a great cuddle, and does well in whatever situation we throw her in.
Kathryn was great throughout the process sharing pictures and providing information to help us pick our pup and made it so smooth in getting her." 

​The Kingery Family, Washington

"I fell in love with bernedoodles about 3 years ago or so, I have wanted one for along time. It was important to me to find the right breeder of this breed as there are alot that are not. I had the most enjoyable experience from the day I sent in my deposit to this day. I love all the new friends I have met watching our puppies grow together. Kathryn and Chelsea are super great to work with! And above all I love love my puppy..."

The DeWan Family, Wisconsin

"We love our happy dog!!  This puppy has changed our house.  Less stress, more love.  And I thought we were in pretty good shape before, so that says alot." 

The Heidemann's, Idaho

Alpine Bernedoodles