Future Litters

Our puppies are reserved from a deposit master list.  The wait time is approximately 18-24 months for a Traditional Tricolor.  Please contact us about getting on the deposit wait list for your future puppy.

Projected arrival times are estimates only. We work with Mother Nature, therefore we cannot guarantee a specific arrival date until the breeding takes place and has been confirmed by ultrasound. We cannot guarantee litter size, sex or color, but we can assure you that you will receive a happy, healthy new family member.

Alpine Bernedoodles has the right to hold back two pups from each litter.  We also have the right to sell breeders choice for an additional fee.

Additional pairings will be added, so check back frequently.
We reserve the right to change the selection of stud dog at any time.

Updated 05/29/2020

Olga and DJ Paired Bernedoodle Breeding

Petite 2nd Gen Australian Bernedoodle
Breeding Complete/Pregnancy Confirmed

Planned due date June 25, 2020

This pairing will produce a variety of Tri colors including Traditional, phantom and parti colors.  This litter should mature between 18-30 pounds

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Ollie and Bowie Paired Breeding

Miniature Multigen Australian Bernedoodles
Breeding Complete/Pregnancy not confirmed

Planned due date July 8, 2020

This pairing should produce merle, traditional tri and parti colors. This litter should mature between 30-45 pounds

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Emmylou and Bullet Paired Bernedoodle Breeding

Multigen/TeddyBear Miniature
Planned Breeding May 2020

This pairing should produce Tri color, phantom and parti colors.  This litter should mature between 25-40 pounds

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Zilla and Bowie Paired Breeding

Multigen Australian Bernedoodles
Planned Breeding September 2020

This pairing should produce Sable, Tri color and Merle coloring in the litter. This litter should mature around 30-55 pounds

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