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Future Litters

Projected arrival times are estimates only. We work with Mother Nature, therefore we cannot guarantee a specific arrival date until the breeding takes place and has been confirmed by ultrasound. We cannot guarantee litter size, sex or color, but we can assure you that you will receive a happy, healthy new family member.

Additional pairings will be added, so check back frequently.
We reserve the right to change the selection of stud dog at any time.

2nd Gen Miniature Australian Bernedoodles
Breeding Complete/Pregnancy confirmed
Planned due date June 15, 2019
Ready to go Mid August 2019

This pairing will produce a variety of tri color puppies including traditional, phantom and parti tri colors.
These pups should mature around 22-35 lbs.
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F1 Miniatures 100% Tri Color
Breeding Complete/Pregnancy Confirmed
Planned Due Date July 1, 2019
Ready to go Early September 2019

This litter should mature around 35-55 pounds

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F1 Miniatures
Planned Breeding June 2019
Ready to go October 2019

This pairing should produce Tri color and Merle puppies
These pups should mature 35-55lbs.
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