Delivery Options


Puppy Pick-Up at the Alpine Bernedoodles Ranch

You are welcome to pick up your puppy here at Alpine Bernedoodles.  South Western Colorado is a wonderful place to visit, stay a day or two and enjoy our beautiful surroundings and visit with your puppy and then enjoy a day of sightseeing, we are 15 minutes from the airport so we are happy to keep your puppy until  you’re ready to leave.  Montrose has a small regional airport with daily flights from several major cities during the winter months as well as multiple daily connections through Denver during the summer.  We have pet friendly hotels close to the airport if you would like to keep your puppy overnight before flying out.

Check with your individual airline regarding requirements for pet carry-on.  You will need to purchase a soft carrier and most airlines will charge a $125.00 pet carry-on fee.   Arrangements must be made in advance for pick up here at the ranch.

Airline Cargo Delivery: No Longer available

We are able to ship your puppy to any major airport in the US. We fly our puppies exclusively with United Petsafe, the cost includes the flight, new airline approved carrier and health certificate. A leash and collar will be attached to the crate and a blanket will be included with mom and siblings scent to comfort your new puppy during his flight. All arrangements for airline delivery will be made for you, you will receive a confirmation and itinerary prior to your pups flight.

Canadian Delivery

Canada has recently changed their policies for shipping pets, we will no longer offer this service. You must be able to pick up your puppy at a US border city. This can be arranged using our Fly Nanny Service.

VIP delivery by Fly Nanny: $Varies

Using a professional Flight Nanny is a great option for those that prefer not to ship or not able to pick up their puppy here at the ranch. Our preferred Fly Nannies will personally accompany your puppy on their flight to the airport of your choice. The cost for this option will be ticket cost, pet carry-on fee of $125 and flight nanny fee starting at $400.

Airport Pickup: $00/MTJ $100/GJT $350/SLC $475/DIA

 We are happy to meet you at the Montrose/MTJ or Grand Junction/GJT regional airport if you would like to carry your new puppy home in cabin.  If you would like the convenience of fly in, fly out quickly through a major airport, we can arrange to meet you at the Salt Lake City, UT/SLC or Denver, CO/DIA airport.  You will need to make arrangements with your airline to carry your puppy in cabin and most airlines charge a pet carry on fee of $125.00

Ground Transportation: $Varies

We have discontinued the option for cross-country delivery by an outside delivery service although with the recent travel bans this option may again be offered. We will update ground transportation as things change. If you would like to personally drive out and pick up your puppy, this is a great time to bond and enjoy one on one time while you travel home with your new fur baby. We can offer to meet you part way up to 6 hours from Montrose if you would like to cut off some of your travel time. Pricing depends on destination.