Puppy Training and Beyond

The First 8 Weeks

Every puppy born is handled daily, our puppies are exposed to a variety of stimuli and we utilize early neurological stimulation (also known as “ENS”) as well as Puppy Culture methods for each stage of development to ensure that you are receiving a puppy that is happy and confident and has a great start on life.  Our puppies are quick to learn obedience commands and love to play and interact with other dogs and people.

Beyond 8 Weeks:  Kindergarten to Turnkey

Although Bernedoodles have the high intelligence and trainability of the Poodle they do have a tendency to take on some of the stubbornness of the Bernese  Mountain Dog.  The combination of smart and stubborn can challenge the new dog owner and we do suggest the use of a professional trainer or a puppy socialization class for families that may not be familiar with training their puppy.

For those looking for training prior to your puppy coming home, please contact us for suggestions from Kindergarten to Advance Turnkey possibilities.   If you’re looking for basic commands and crate training, a good foundation on obedience to advance Turnkey and Beyond, we can suggest trainers that can get your puppy started in the right direction to be an excellent Canine Citizen!  We have several local trainers that can offer all levels of training suited to your needs and budget.

girl walking her Alpine Bernedoodle dog