Puppy Kindergarten

The First 8 Weeks

Every puppy born is handled daily, our puppies are exposed to a variety of stimuli and we utilize early neurological stimulation (also known as “ENS”) as well as Puppy Culture methods for each stage of development to ensure that you are receiving a puppy that is happy and confident and has a great start on life. Our puppies are quick to learn obedience commands and love to play and interact with other dogs and people. But with the stubborn tendency’s of the Berner we do suggest the use of a professional trainer or a puppy socialization class for families that may not be familiar with training their puppy.

girl walking her Alpine Bernedoodle dog

Puppy Kindergarten

For those families that want to get a head start on their puppies training before arriving at their forever home, Puppy Kindergarten is a good option.   “Peace of Mind Dog Training” offers beginning to advance training programs tailored to owners individual needs.  Whether you are wanting to get a start on training fundamentals including crate training, leash etiquette and basic commands to more advance obedience and socialization, Peace of Mind will customize a training program for your individual puppy.  Please click on the link below to visit their website and get a head start with your new puppy.

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Dalyce socializing with puppies
Alpine Bernedoodles staying on cots