If you’ve decided buying a puppy is the right option for you, it’s vital to find a breeder that’s reputable and takes care of their dogs and puppies. But what other qualities should you look for? Here are six qualities to also look for in a great dog breeder!

They are Knowledgeable About the Dog Breed

When choosing a dog breeder, one quality they absolutely should have is knowledge about the breed they’re selling. Since most devoted breeders only deal with a limited number of types of dogs, their knowledge of the breed should be extensive. They should be able to answer all your questions about size, temperament, common health problems, grooming requirements, and more. After all, a great breeder is a valuable source about your dog’s breed. If you feel like the breeder is lacking in knowledge, that’s a good sign to turn tail and run.

They’re Open About Their Practice

Another key quality to look for in a great dog breeder? Transparency. They should be open and honest about their breeding practice, dogs, and more. They should also be open to providing medical records and information on the litter’s parents.

With a great breeder, they don’t have anything to hide. In fact, any questions you have are openly welcomed and encouraged. That’s because that means you’re doing your due diligence – and great breeders love and appreciate that.

They Treat Their Dogs with Love

When looking for a great breeder, make sure they’re treating their four-legged friends with love. And we don’t just mean showering them with pets. Dogs can’t speak up, so ensuring the safety and well-being of dogs and puppies during the breeding process is a green flag.

For example, at Alpine Bernedoodles, the health of our dogs and puppies is extremely important to us. Many “what to do” websites encourage visiting breeders to check out facilities and how puppies are treated, but if you aren’t on a waitlist with us, we ask that you “visit” us online rather than in person. That’s because young pups don’t have fully developed immune systems, and visitors can bring germs with them, resulting in sickness and death of entire litters. It can also stress out the mom, and that can create stressed puppies. We love our dogs and want to do everything we can to protect them! If you want to learn more, please read about our visitation policy here.

Treating dogs with love can also look like keeping puppies with their parents until the right age. Studies show that puppies removed from their parents and litter-mates too young are more likely to exhibit behaviors like fear or aggression towards other dogs. Responsible breeders know this and won’t hand over your puppy until at least 8 weeks.

They Ask You Questions

A dog breeder who cares about their animals wants to make sure their puppies go to a loving home and home capable of caring for the dog. After all, the puppy isn’t just an item to be sold. It’s a living being that deserves a good home, and they won’t just sell to anyone who wants to buy.

A great breeder will ask who you are, what your lifestyle is like, and your family situation. They may also ask why you want the specific breed they offer. This is to help determine if you’re the right fit for the dog. If you are, these questions can also help the breeder suggest the perfect fit for your family when the time comes to pick a pup.

They Have Contracts to Sign

Great breeders will require contracts for them and for you during the puppy purchasing process. The breeder’s part of the contract includes a guarantee that the puppy is healthy and has been immunized and dewormed appropriately for their age. The buyer’s part of the contract usually includes requirements that they feed their puppy properly, get their puppy the proper care, and in some cases, if the puppy doesn’t work out, that the puppy be given back to the breeder to allow rehoming.

Contracts reflect that the dog breeder takes their job seriously and that they hold themselves and their buyers to a certain level of care and excellence.

They Stay in Contact Even After the Puppy is Sold

Another great quality to look for is that you’re able to stay in contact with them even after the sale. With a great breeder, they are someone who is a valuable resource and can be a helping hand for you throughout the life of your dog. After all, someone who cares about their animals will make themselves available to buyers for advice.

Ready to Start Planning for Your Next Best Friend?

If you’ve been on the hunt for a reputable dog breeder, look no further than Alpine Bernedoodles.

We are located in the beautiful town of Montrose, Colorado, and it is our passion to produce exceptional quality bernedoodles. Our bernedoodles are bred with responsibility and integrity to be cherished family companions. Every puppy is raised with attention to physical and mental health and nurtured with love and care. Thank you for your interest in our puppies!