When picking a bernedoodle dog, you might be wondering which gender is better to pick. Let’s go over the differences and similarities between male and female bernedoodles to help you decide.

Male vs. Female Bernedoodle Dog

When you’re picking out your bernedoodle for your family, you’ll likely consider its gender, among other things. So, which is better? There are some common beliefs out there that lead people to believe male dogs are more problematic to train than females. Other beliefs are that female dogs are considered to be cuddlier and more docile.

There is a gender-specific characteristic that can cause males and females to differ, so let’s go over it so that it may aid in your choice.

The Gender Difference

Generally speaking, male Bernedoodles will be slightly bigger and heavier than females. So, on the flip side, females are typically lighter and smaller. If you’re wanting a bigger dog, a male might be better suited. For owners looking for a dog on the smaller side, a female might be better suited.

Here’s the caveat, though – these are generalizations. A bernedoodle dog (or any dog, for that matter) doesn’t always conform to averages and generalizations. Each dog is unique. So, regardless of gender, it’s advantageous to meet puppies face-to-face before making a final decision.

What Gender Doesn’t Change

While gender can have an influence on the size of your bernedoodle dog, there are things gender doesn’t influence. Here’s what it doesn’t have an effect on.

Grooming and Coat

Gender has no influence on their coat – instead, it’s determined by their genetic makeup. Whether your bernedoodle has curly or straight hair is decided by their DNA. And while there are no advantages to either gender when it comes to their coat and grooming, remember, your bernedoodle needs to be groomed and brushed regularly.


Luckily, health issues and lifespan are both not affected by gender. If you’re getting your bernedoodle dog from a breeder, ensure you’re choosing a reputable breeder that does health testing to ensure your bernedoodle, boy or girl, will be healthy.

Nuisance Behavior

Some common objections to getting a male bernedoodle puppy are they hump and mark their territory more.

However, let’s clear the air – both males and females are guilty of these behaviors. They can be embarrassing and annoying, but the good news is that these behaviors will naturally lessen over time, and a bit of training can help curb this behavior fairly easily.


It’s a common belief that female bernedoodles mature faster and are easier to train than male bernedoodles due to higher levels of intelligence. However, there’s no evidence to support that females are more mature or more intelligent than males. Training success depends on various factors, including consistency, positive reinforcement, and a solid training plan.


There are many stereotypes about the differences between male and female bernedoodle dogs. Females are more affectionate, females are better with children, males are more protective, males are more playful, etc. At the end of the day, every opinion you hear about gender having an effect on personality should be taken with a grain of salt.

Put simply – there are no “typical” personality differences between a male or female bernedoodle. The personality can be influenced by their lineage, upbringing, and just pure old individuality. Bernedoodles, in general, are known for their sweet and affectionate nature, regardless of gender. And when it comes to traits like protectiveness, a properly trained and adequately socialized bernedoodle can be protective of their family and home when necessary.

Should you Choose a Male or Female Bernedoodle?

After going through all these points, you’ll see that there are very few differences between male and female bernedoodle dogs. So, which one should you choose?

The answer is: whichever one you prefer! This answer hopefully will come as a relief, as there are other factors to take into consideration. What size bernedoodle should you get? What generation? Where do you find a reputable bernedoodle breeder? At least by knowing gender makes very little difference in your choice, you can check one thing off your list.

And at the end of it all, we recommend not to limit your options based on myths and personal opinions because the perfect puppy may be the gender you were least expecting!

Ready to Start Planning for a New Best Friend?

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