There are few things more exciting than welcoming home a bernedoodle puppy! To help you prepare, here are some tips so you and your new puppy can begin a wonderful new life together.

Gather the Necessities

Before you welcome your new bernedoodle puppy to your home, you’ll need to make sure you have everything set and ready for them. After all, you don’t want to be scrambling for a chew toy that you don’t have when your pup starts going after your shoes. So make sure you have these things purchased before your puppy’s arrival:

  • Food and water bowls – regular dishes will do, but it can be fun to have designated bowls for your new family member.
  • Food – a full belly equals happiness! Make sure you have plenty of food on hand for them.
  • Treats – having treats ready when you first welcome your puppy will help to create a positive environment for them (new homes can be a little intimidating!).
  • A crate – this is your dog’s special haven and can be very useful to house train your dog.
  • A dog bed – they deserve a nice, cushy new bed!
  • Safe, age-appropriate chew toys – it’s a fact: puppies chew. So having safe chew toys for them to gnaw on will help them and you.
  • A collar and tags – new puppies can be sneaky and quick. If they ever get ahead of you, having an ID tag can help them get back to you quickly.
  • Brush – bernedoodles do require regular brushing, so be sure you have one on hand.

Remember to Puppy-Proof

Another very important step before bringing your new best friend home? Taking the time to puppy-proof your home. Puppies are curious and will want to sneak their tiny noses into everything. You want to be well prepared before you bring home your puppy so you can focus all your efforts on spending time with them when they’re home and not worrying about their safety.

Here are some things you’ll want to remember when puppy-proofing your home:

  • Unplug electrical cords, move them out of reach, or string them through cord concealers
  • Put away all medications and hazardous products
  • Put away anything that shouldn’t be chewed on, such as shoes, coins, paper clips, rubber bands, and jewelry
  • Secure trashcans
  • Move or give away poisonous houseplants
  • Place baby gates in any “off-limits” areas
  • Check the backyard to make sure there are no escape routes

It can seem excessive, but these items are essential because they keep your puppy from getting injured or eating something they’re not supposed to. Always better safe than sorry!

Feed Them Well

As we mentioned before, a full bully means a happy pup. For your new bernedoodle puppy, make sure you give them high-quality meals, as that will give them the nutrients and energy they need to grow. Feeding them good quality food will also help your pup avoid health and dental issues as they get older. If your breeder suggests a certain food for you to use, it’s best to stick to their recommendation. For instance, at Alpine Bernedoodles, we feed Purina Pro Plan exclusively. When your pup goes home with you, we recommend feeding PP Lamb Puppy until one year old, and then we recommend they be transitioned to Purina Pro Plan Adult.

Set Up Doctor and Groomer Appointment Soon

After you welcome home your new bernedoodle puppy and enjoy some snuggles and puppy kisses, you want to make sure you take them to the vet within 72 hours. This is just to check your puppy’s overall health to ensure they’re in tip-top shape. It will also help you get acquainted with your new vet if this is your first time owning a dog, and they can answer any questions you have about their overall health and care.

Besides the vet, think about setting up a grooming appointment fairly soon after your pup arrives home (doesn’t need to be within 72 hours like the vet, though!). Taking your puppy to a professional groomer at an early age helps to create a positive experience for your dog. They’ll help your puppy get familiarized with the concept of grooming without being overwhelmed.

Start Training ASAP

Having a well-mannered dog starts with hard work and dedication when they’re a puppy. The earlier you start training your puppy, the faster you will create a routine between yourselves. You can try training yourself, but enrolling them in a puppy training program can help you and your pup immensely. Training your bernedoodle is a journey that will require patience, but the hard work you put in means you’ll reap the rewards for many years to come!

Be Patient

Your puppy will test your patience at times. But remember that they won’t be a puppy forever. So take a breath, try and be patient, and get all the puppy kisses and snuggles you can. You’ll soon have a full-grown bernedoodle on your hands that will be your family’s best friend!

Ready to Start Planning for a New Furry Friend?

With these tips, you’ll be sure to have a smooth welcome for your new puppy! If you’re looking for a bernedoodle puppy to add to your family, Alpine Bernedoodles is here to help you. We are located in the beautiful town of Montrose, Colorado, and it is our passion to produce exceptional quality bernedoodles. Our bernedoodles are bred with responsibility and integrity to be cherished family companions. Every puppy is raised with attention to physical and mental health and nurtured with love and care. Thank you for your interest in our puppies!